Literally dozens of changes are made to tax codes each year, and these days it even happens twice a year!
“Working with David Connery has saved us time and headaches, the reduced tax liability was also a nice bonus!”
Taxation is an ever-changing landscape that can add to, or take away from, your bottom line. Our clients take full advantage of each and every possible opportunity and avoid costly pitfalls.
How do these changes affect your tax liability?- BIK Changes April 2009

– New Levies – Parking April 2009

– PRSI\PAYE Changes Jan 2009

– Preperation for Jan 2010

Every business needs accurate professional tax advice at the right time, every time.
We will review your prior year’s return free of charge, when filing your return for the current year. We will E-File your return, if desired, and arrange for any refund to be directly deposited into your account.
We will prepare your tax return at a very competitive price and relieve you of all of the anxiety involved with tax filing. There is no return that is so simple nor is there any return so complex that we can’t handle.
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